Dr. Odahl Vahrn

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Dr. Odahl Vahrn, Mystic Theurge of Boccob


A half-elven Boccobite priest of indeterminate age, Dr. Vahrn hails from the Nyrondese capital of Rel Mord, where he is associated with the Royal University of Rel Mord (RUR).

A top graduate of RUR's prestigious Wadroll School of mystical arts (Class of '70), Dr. Vahrn would go on to complete a master thesis on astrological and divinatory sciences, gaining a doctorate in Mysticism and Divination. An original copy of his thesis, Future Perfect: An Exposition of Occult Laws of Stars and Planets Affecting the Lives and Destinies of Sentient Beings, can be found in the Royal University of Rel Mord archives.

After years of practicing mind and soul-bending Boccobite exercises and rites, Dr. Vahrn "pierced the weave" and gained sacred insights that allowed him to construct a cognitive and spiritual bridge between his arcane and divine powers. In recognition of this rare achievement, the Church of Boccob in Rel Mord granted him the mantle of Mystic Theurge in 590 CY.

Before his association with the Ravenloft Company began, Dr. Vahrn had been pursuing his studies in and around the Free City of Greyhawk for the past six months. Between his duties at the Greyhawk Church of Boccob and his rigorous studies, Dr. Vahrn has found time to dine at many of the Free City's more notable taverns and eateries which has led to his current sedentary physique. To combat this, he has recently begun a running regimen and (until recently) could be seen most mornings jogging with like-minded Clerksberg denizens through that quarter.

He is member of Greyhawk's University of Magical Arts.


Dr. Vahrn occasionally uses sayings popular in Rel Mord. For his foreign allies who may find these obtuse, we present the following reference.

The monkey's out of the sleeve!
"The truth comes out!"

This is under my knee!
"I have mastered this and know exactly what I am doing with it!"

Holding the wolf by his ears.
"An untenable situation"

This has turned to vinegar.
"The situation has gotten out of control — turned nasty."

We have other orcs to whip.
"We have better things to do."

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