Grandfather Magic

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Following the death of Riggby, a very old and very powerful high priest of Zagyg who calls himself Grandfather Magic received a vision from his god warning that intruders would soon come to the Tower of Magic and use it for nefarious purposes. Grandfather Magic sealed the tower off with a miracle that he would only lift if someone could present him with Zagig’s Key.

He and only six lower level clerics lived outside the Tower since the sealing. He has other followers but they are away searching for one of Zagyg’s 864 secret words.

Grandfather wears very little clothing and has wild hair and bulging eyes. He is quite tall and surprisingly physically fit for such a very old human. Addressing Grandfather Magic by any other name or title upsets him greatly and results in tantrums combining storm of tears and streams of profanity.

When the party recovered and delivered the key, the old priest used it to unlock a red crystal skull. This released the butterfly of Zagig. He is convinced this colorful insect will lead him to the "True Portal." Before he disappeared after the butterfly, Grandfather Magic dispelled his miracle, unsealing the tower for Ravenloft Co.

He is able to cast 9th level spells and is very unpredictable, so avoid confrontation.