Last Left Heros

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The group braces for the onslaught of earth elementals that defend the elvish mausoleum.


A shrine to honor heroes lies through a portal. The group has broached a veil and has traversed into this room. Mysteries abound.


The group searched the Druidic complex for the keystone and tools to prevail in expected conflicts. Khrystovar has, in a wise epiphany, realized and explained to the group that evidence establishes a progressively primal motif in the arts and symbols the deeper they delve into where the keystone allegedly lies. The group stands at the brink of a great seal and considers how to broach the doors.


The group has steadied itself after a pitched battle against a squad of air elementals and broached the hall beyond an ancient druidic ante-chapel.


Once the wyvern and its ogre handlers are vanquished the group covers its tracks and enters the underground site suspected of holding the keystone. Will makes a shocking discovery regarding the first ward!


Shortly after Devonor shakes off the lingering effects of a spectre's ghastly attack the group positions itself and executes an attack on the wyvern defending two ogres searching for a secret entrance to the complex holding the keystone. Approaching stealthily from down wind the group was able to surprise the winged beast and significantly damaging it as much as twelve sword blows. That it still flies is a testament to size and stamina of this reptilian foe!


Early in the morning at the farm where Jonathan's remains lay the group, through Kystovar's judicious and reverent use of the Speak with dead spell, learns more of his demise and suspects that they know the location of the keystone.


Within the Prince's private dining room around a table set with wine and cheese refreshments, Wrenthus and his acting seneschal Magellus are discussing multiple topics with the party. The party is being careful about what they reveal of what they know in front of any Coalition member, especially Magellus. Krystovar, Taurus and Devonor are still pale from battle with the spectres in Arklo, but Devonor soul alone still faces their lingering life drain. It is late afternoon.


While traveling to the eastern outskirts of Arklo, the party has successfully surprised a gang of River Tribe Ogres camped in the woods. Six ogres, their boss and an ogre magi shaman are dead in the camp clearing. The party is securing the perimeter and searching for clues and treasure. Argel has rolled over the magi and is searching it's robes. Blauss's bronze dragon illusion is lurking in the woods nearby, as is his ever-watchful raven familiar. Kristovar's spiritual weapon long bow is still hovering in the air looking for new targets. One of the tents caught in Blauss's fireball spell continues to burn.

Argel, Devonor and Will have suffered frost damage from the day's second magi cone of cold. Taurus, who bravely charged the camp alone to draw out it's forces is bloodied from a deep cut from the boss's great sword, and heavy arrows. As he releases his rage, he is fatigued and the true toll of battle is now showing in his unsteady gate.