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Character Name Note
Atolamyr Deceased half-orc leader of orc raiders from War Tower
Altamaic Cursed priest of Boccob found in War Tower
At-Ur Rehmet Deceased Half-orc general of War Tower.
Galinde Bowspinner Master Bowyer and owner of Bowspinner Co.
Damian Mantua Mystique's black cat familiar.
Demaris, Ricard Retired adventurer and owner of Green Dragon Inn.
Desaad Possible vampire enemy from Barovia
Dasinder, Ravel Patriarch of Grehyhawk's Boccob Church.
Fidd Dulamin Prisoner rescued from the Arena in the Tower of War
Gallancz, Captain Old military friend of Richard Demaris and possibly Lord Robilar.
Galubgex Beholder librarian in Greyhawk University of Magical Arts
Godtrap Magical prison Zagyg used to capture several demigods.
Grandfather Magic Mad high priest of Zagig. Guardian of Tower of Magic.
Green Dragon Inn Richard Demaris's inn.
Greyhawk University of Magical Arts City's magical university.
Iquoyan Master of the Dark Moon Monastery in Greyhawk.
Iuz The Old One, an evil demigod and leader of nation by same name.
Janos "Lord of the Rhenee" and Greyhawk criminal boss.
Kalystis Cambion and enemy rumored to be in Castle Greyhawk.
Kathenor, Acton Priest of Boccob from Zagyg Bridge raid
Khelleck Greyhawk wizard and scroll merchant.
Mordenkainen Famed archmage and leader of Circle of Eight.
Mystique, Mantua Missing wizard ally of Hawkeye and Hans.
Nulligan Proprietor of Nulligan's Trove.
Orb of Opposition Artifact and key to the alternate world Uerth.
Otataral Substance that dampens magic.
Rary the Betrayer Traitorous ex-member of the Circle of Eight.
Retha Worker at River Quarter Mission.
Reyan / Rhiann Boccob priest and Altamaic caregiver.
Riggby Recently deceased Boccob high priest and Circle of Eight member.
Robilar, Lord Infamous warrior and friend of Mordenkainen.
Sir Bluto Sans Pite The River Blood mass murder [deceased].
Tenser Wizard and former member of Circle of Eight. Once thought slain.
Stillguar Leader of War Tower Wardens.
Strongbow, Oryn Elven archer and Hawkeye's Mentor
Sword of Chaos Ricard Demaris's axiomatic longsword.
Tirra Thieves guild overseer in River Quarter.
Tonick Bookkeeper and friend of Hawkeye and Hans.
Vokos Rhennee thug and reportedly evil priest.
War Tower Wardens Stillguar's band of mostly dwarven warriors.
Zagig Demigod and former mayor of Greyhawk City.
Zuoken Baklunish god of martial artists and monks.

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