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Note that the evening's activities were varied and happening often all at once and this scribe missed several details. Please amend anything that has been grossly misstated or omitted.
  • The party is gazing out on the large chamber dominated by the huge tree. There are four doors to consider, one for each of the four races's catacombs as well as other odd details.[1]
  • Blauss suggests a fifth room may be hidden from view here. One where Ticondrius could hide the keystone without needing to disturb the catacombs, nor defy the symmetry of four. (four races, four elements, four classes/vocations) Without a fifth room one of a set of four might be distinguished on no logical basis.
  • Taurus says we should take a direct path to… the objective.
  • Through the monocle, Devonor can see that each door lock is trapped. No other auras are visible.
  • Casting a wary eye upon the Tomb of the high priest guardian, Argel walks toward upon the cobbled path toward the bridge leading to the elven catacomb tree. Blauss stops him and asks that he look back the way he came to see if any inscriptions are on the entrance they are using. A horned bow symbol is carved above the archway above the party. When asked if anyone should accompany him, Argel tells them to wait and see if he stirs up any trouble getting to the Tree.
  • As Argel steps on the bridge, a gentle rustling, like a faint breeze, moves through the chamber's plant life. Removing and replacing his foot on the bridge causes the breeze to waft again, but no dangers present themselves. The water in the moat is circling slowly and is reminiscent of the bath the found near the priest's office.
  • Bluass theorizes that the room containing the trees and plants are in some form of stasis while it is unoccupied. This, along with the magical sunshine would explain how they continue to thrive underground.
  • An idea crosses Krysotvar's mind and he digs out his crystal ball. With its magic, he is able to determine that this place is somehow in the same time of day as Crandal's Blight.
  • Krys and Dev join Argel at the bridge.
  • Argel reads the inscription on the Dwarven crypt door:
  • Krys's detection spell finds that the room is overwhelmingly magical. The trees have the most powerful enchantments upon them.
  • Argel and Krys will approach and investigate the Elven Tree and its door. Devonor flanks the tree and its moat on their left side. Taurus moves up to do the same on the right side of the tree and moat. Neither strays from the pathway onto the grass.
  • The Halfling catacomb door is a round door in the hobbit tradition. The inscription nearby reads:
  • Argel approaches elven tree reverently, speaking elven prayers. He circles the grassy square around the tree and notes a oblong patch of earth behind the tree. He notes that he will come back to it.
  • Meanwhile, Blauss is back at the entrance with Will. Unsatisfied with a quick scan of the rooms' magic, he casts detect magic to study the room's auras in close detail. He notes many auras, strong conjurations on the doors, strange enchantments on the trees, but nothing provides a definitive clue as to the room's purpose and protections. He spends a few moments making sure the high priest's tomb is no threat. There is nothing notable on the tomb and only the conjuration of the gate back the way the group came.
  • Devonor notes two human statues flanking a short stairway into the human catacomb door. The door seems more grand than the dwarven and halfling doors.
  • Devonor tests touching the grass without any ill effect. Taurus matches his experiments. Both notice that the earthen area around the four smaller trees is a softer earth, almost like mulch or loam. When Taurus pokes the dirt with his lance from afar, the ground slowly fixes any disturbance on its surface.
  • Will is called to search the elven door. He confirms that another poison gas awaits within its lock. He then glances up and tells Argel and Krys to wait while he climbs up the tree trunk to explore the upper branches. He finds nothing useful.
  • Argel and Krys excavate the patch of earth behind the elf tree. There is conjuration magic, but Argel's fervent hope that the patch was the site of a buried object like the keystone, is dashed. The earth slowly begins to fill in again and repair itself as he digs. He stops after a foot or so. Krys pours water from the mote into the dirt. The earth dries quickly and does not become muddy.
  • By this time Blauss has crossed the room to direct his divination spell upon the hole Argel is digging. Blauss detects a distinct magic, but is not successful in ascertaining it's intended function.


  • The party prepares and Will shoots the Elven door. He does and the gas dissipates quickly. The lock is badly damaged, but the door opens.
  • Will finds writing on the threshold of the door:
  • A narrow extremely steep stairwell leads down beneath the tree. Argel follows Will down.
  • They end up in a small square room with two hallways leading off. The halls appear to be lined with niches for remains and statues are posted further in. Facing them in the antechamber, are two statues of elves, one a warrior and one a mage. On the wall between them hang several beautifully crafted items: A suit of elven chainmail, a long sword, a helm, and a pair of soft boots.
  • Argel calls for Devonor to bring the monocle. Dev and Blauss descend the stair but don't proceed all the way into the chamber, preferring to observe from the stairwell.
  • As Devonor raises the monocle to scan the room, a deafening wail erupts from the Mage statue as a ghostly elven mage phase into view and glares at the party. "Intruders!" it screeches.
  • Before anyone can react, he casts a spell and three magic missiles slam into Will.
  • Blauss, who always seems remarkably unfazed by surprises, responds with an electric bolt. While the spell harms the ghost, the damage may be mitigated by its incorporeal form.
  • Argel orders a retreat and calls out to the guardian that the party means no harm and is a friend of the Free Peoples. He holds his hands out and steps between his allies and the enraged mage trying to soothe him in the elven tongue. "We are here for knowledge, not to defile your dead. Has a golden-eyed man passed this way?"
  • The spirit pauses, but quickly returns to a state of physical or mental torment. "I AM CRAVEN!" he bellows, before swiping Argel with an clawed ghostly hand. Argel staggers from the cold ripping at his essence. Everyone manages to clamber up the stairs (Taurus almost bowled over his teammates in his rush to escape the spirit and he ends up on the far side of the chamber above in a cold sweat).
  • Devonor calls down to Argel, "Let us know if you need a hand." He turns to the rest of the party, who are all wondering what is taking the ranger so long and says, "This is something Argel needs to do."
  • Argel begins backing up the stairs as the spirit paces and rails. It throws another barrage of magic missiles, staggering the ranger again.
  • Still hoping to parley, Argel persists, "How can I help you, ancient one?"
  • The mage casts an illusion to create two mirror images of himself before moaning, "I AM CRAVEN. I FLED THE FIELD AND LEFT MY BROTHERS TO FIGHT. I AM TORMENTED. CURSED TO GUARD THE HONORABLE DEAD!"
  • "You are not craven here now protecting your brothers. Let me help you to a honorable end," Argel says. Sensing that the spirit feels compelled to fight whatever he says, Argel draws his swords and attacks. Two of his blows dispel the mirror images and one sinks home.
  • Hearing the Argel's blades in action, Devonor descends the stairs again and tells Argel to "say the word".
  • Argel gives it, and Devonor lunges over him and slashes the spirit. As the ghost sinks and begins to fade, he tells Argel to move his bones from this place of torment. Argel says it shall be done.
  • No other guardian rises to defend the room, so Devonor uses the monocle but spies nothing in the antechamber or down the two hallways.
  • Argel finds a recess behind the mage statue with the craven mage's bones and his earthly belongings: A fine elven robe wrapped around a wand and two rings.
  • Blauss detects magic on the items and the hallways. The helm and the boots are not magical. Argel says we should leave them. Blauss agrees.
  • The group debates the question of taking items in the tomb. That nothing should be left behind for enemies to use against us wins a vote. They agree that they don't have time to find every possible item and that they will take things that are found while looking for the keystone. They also leave open the possibility that some items may be returned to the Free Peoples should any still exist.
  • The items are investigated and some are identified. The wand is a Wand of Lightning. Blauss accepts it and one of the rings which may be a Ring of Wizardry. Taurus exchanges his battered breast plate for the elegant woven mithral elven chain. Argel takes the elven long sword, which Blauss says is moderately to strong in power.
  • After discovering that the mage's robe was a more powerful version of the one found in the priest's office, Devonor and Krystovar agreed it made sense for Devonor to wear the more powerful protection, and for Krys to keep the druidic one. To further his survival, Devonor also asks to use the craven mage's Ring of Protection +1 for now.
  • They leave the elven catacombs and spike the door closed.


  • Will is very keen on trying the halfling tomb next, but the group believes the human door is the most likely next choice. He shoots and sets off the door trap just to be ready if time allows a delving.
  • The human door inscriptions reads: (George, please add here)
  • The party prepares and Will shoots the human door lock. As the gas settles, the rustling first heard earlier returns but quickly becomes a major tremble as five large earth elementals erupt from the earth at the base of each tree and attack. Argel shouts to make for the door.
  • Blauss manages to act first and slips away before the elementals can begin their ambush. He reaches the door, throws it open and turns while drawing the new wand.
  • The largest elemental reaches over the moat and tries to smash Will, but can't reach and clubs the ground at the halfing's feet. The rest of the elementals lumber into attack range.
  • The party begins a organized retreat. Will is slammed twice as he darts between two elementals and makes his way to the stairway to the door. He shoots but his arrow ricochets.
  • Blauss lightning bolts two with the new wand. The closest one sidesteps most of the damage while the other takes the full brunt.
  • Taurus delays, not willing to leave any of his team behind. The large elemental punches down again at him, but the magic of his new chainmail absorbs and deflects what would have been a direct hit.[2] A smile plays across Bison Man's lips.
  • Two elementals set upon Krys, leaving him near falling for the second time since he's entered the Hall of Heroes. The other elementals find the rest of the party hard to pin down.
  • Devonor dashes over to his brother and Argel and bravely draws the attention (and parting attacks) of their elementals. This creates a window for the pair to retreat safety without being struck at from behind.
  • Seeing everyone has safely reached the room, Taurus too dashes to the other room.
  • They party sets up battle ranks guarding the entrance to the next chamber.
  • While waiting for the elementals' next move, they take a quick glance around. They are on a dock or pier of worked stone in a huge chamber filled with water. A single two-man boat is moored at the pier. Across the water is a lit area with a large archway. Two large statues flank the exit, but everyone is relieved to see what can only be the keystone hovering in the lit area beyond the arch.
  • Now how to get there without being pulverized or drowned.

To be continued....

  1. At some time recently, Krystovar removed the protective robe that they found in the office and gave it to Devonor.
  2. +3