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Name Description
Almor A protectorate of Nyrond and the nation containing Rhyll
Ahlissa Nation south of Old Almor. Home of the remnants of the Great Kingdom leadership and Rhyll's "southern trading partner."
Wicklow A western regional town
Arklow An eastern regional town
Crandal's Blight Barren glen near Arklow where the entrance to the Hall of Heroes is.
Outskirts Places nearby, but outside of town
Rhyll Significant region. North of Wortham, South of the Flinty Hills.
Wormtham Nyrondian town to the ________(south?)
Kingdom of Nyrond Country in which adventure is occurring.
"Mage Tower" Where the mages operate out of. Often a metonymy for the mages of the Arcane Watch Chrysalis
The Shattered Gate Tavern at the center of town
Taurus's Lair Cave that Taurus is establishing as a lair
Wesley's's Vinyard Farm of the first town's person the group helped (bandit encounter #1)
Hill Giant Encounter Spot of farmland where the first Hill Giant was fought
Ogre Encampment #1 Camp ogres were discovered at