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Questions & Clues[edit]

  • Who wants the dragon here?
    • Somebody is feeding it and hiding it - Who?
    • Who does it help to have a dragon in the vicinity?
    • Are Rhyll's southern trading partners (Ahlissa) possible behind the dragon?
  • The Crystal Key
    • What does it look like?
      • A: a large crystal or gem shaped like a real keystone
    • What does it open?
      • Astillus's Crypt/Dungeon complex.
      • Does it open more than the front door?
    • Who besides us is/was looking for it?
      • Giants and Ogre Clan Shamans
      • The Coalition and Rhyll
      • Possibly the Red Dragon
      • The people who have put out a bounty for the key? (Nick asks: Did we actually hear that someone has put a bounty out?)
    • Is it crooked? Or are some members taking advantage?
    • Is Magelus in league with bandits?
      • Who was he talking to on the way back to the tower? His familiar?
      • Does his allegiance lie with southern trading partners, or is he just profiting from facilitating trade of wine and cheese with Ahlissa?
      • Is he the "M" mentioned in giant's note: "Find M. Kill others. On middle night, meet at grave."