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Storied adventurers meet years in the nation of Old Almor years since the Greyhawk Wars. Some are returning heroes who years ago rid the kingdom of Rhyl of the mad wizard Astillus and his white dragon Icing Death. Strange phenomena, new dragon sightings and bandits and monster raids hint that the dark forces those heroes thwarted in the past may be rising again. The most immediate hurdle is obtaining the keystone.

Last we left our heroes...

The party has recovered the Keystone from the Hall of Man, but has just learned that a war party of Air Tribe ogres is trying to break into to the Hall of Heroes. The allies are weighing their next move.

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Latest Recap (most recent & canonical)

The group marshals it's resources in face the ogre tribe that lurks at the temple exit. September 7th ReCap

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Chronology Past events and details in sequence
Items Material things gathered through effort or battle
People People and creatures that can act and aren't player characters
Places Anywhere that one can be at/in, or not
Questions and clues Open questions and significant observations
Events Distinct events, recent and historical. (Perhaps Future)
Groups The various groups such as "The Watch", or "The Ogres"
Objects Things that can be obtained that of remarkable distinction
Players player character info