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Structural Consideration[edit]

JAF: Each session has its own page. Next up is to break-out recaps. If we keep session notes and recap discrete from each other it will make that easier.

JAF: These sorts of concerns are exactly what I hoped would come up. One often doesn't know how to structure things until you have a working example.

JAF:Don't hesitate to suggest things.


NNE: While we cannot know the proper ceremony performed upon the deceased before internment, Perhaps if we each wear a golden circlet, we will be granted passage without rituals?

JAF: THIS!^^^^

  • This is a good theory. I doubt they fought the air elementals every time they went through that door.
  • I doubt the shield removal is predicated on a body being interred, but the circlets are a good bet.
  • Given that, Will and Taurus have gone through that door depending upon how far the narrative has progressed. Unlikely, but we should be careful in case it has triggered further wards.