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Name Location Note
Brynwhyllyth Gnarley Woods / Celene "Bryn" is a high elf Priestess of Corellon Larethian and aquaintance of Garath.
Duval Treefell Village The Vicar of Treefell's church of St. Cuthbert.
Brightwine, Emmeril Hommlet Proprietor Stone Ogre Curiosities shop and associate of Jack Wildewood.
Horace Hommlet Cantankerous human smith in Hommlet.
Ingrith Hommlet Human ranger and martial artist.
Ashstaff, Jaroo Hommlet Druid master of village grove
Cole Jenkins Treefell Village Deceased bandit leader that the party slew at Jerimond's Tower.
Long John Treefell Village Repentant member of the Cole Jenkins Gang.
Old Bethany Treefell Village Blind wise woman.
Perkins, Petra Treefell Village Ex-paramour of Cole Jenkins.
Canoness Y’dey Hommlet Head priestess of the St. Cuthbert Church.
Redithor Halfmoon Hommlet Earnest Half-elven bard.
Yundi Hommlet Jaroo Ashstaff's young human assistant.
Zairn Welkwood / Celene Sorbelgarathalas’ druid master.

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