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Notable Hommlet Locales

Ashern's Earthenware

Asherm is a skilled gnome potter and sculptor. New in town, he employs three other gnomes to keep the kilns operating almost continually.

Ulfgar the Dwarf was traveling to Hommlet to deliver something to Asherm when he met the party in Treefell Village.

Hommlet Keep

This fortress is the home of Burne, a wizard, and Rufus, a warrior. Both are well respected and powerful adventurers who settled down in this area about fifteen years ago and decided to make it their home. The keep construction was completed a few years ago.

Inn of the Welcome Wench

Ostler Gundigoot opened the Inn of the Welcome Wench shortly after the Battle of Emridy Meadows more than twenty years ago. In the old days, he was an important figure both in the militia and in general town administration. The Inn of the Welcome Wench quickly grew in reputation as a place of great comfort and quality, but one whose patrons should expect to pay well for the excellent service and fine food and lodging.

Nowadays, Ostler takes it easy. His heart is weak, and his daughter and wife attempt to shelter him from any great excitement or surprises. Ostler’s daughter, Vesta, runs the day-to-day activities of the inn, maintaining the same quality and fair-minded practices that her father established when it first opened. She is exceedingly friendly and warm, making the inn a welcome and homey place for all.

Dining Hall

Well-appointed if a little old, this place is clean and quiet. The clientele of the Welcome Wench are well-mannered folk who enjoy fine food and drink. Drunkards and louts are not tolerated and are dealt with by the short-tempered barkeep, Maridosen.

Two private dining rooms exist for meetings or distinguished guests. The kitchen beyond appears to be spacious.

The elven bard, Redithor Halfmoon, can be found in the Wench almost every night, where he performs occasionally. Many assume this is a charitable arrangement on Vesta's part to allow the struggling artist to sing for his supper and a place to sleep.

The Menu at the Inn of the Welcome Wench is varied and filled with delights.


Rooms at the inn are comfortable and simple. Each has a soft bed with a quilted blanket, a desk with a chair, and a pitcher of water and a bowl for washing up. A single two-room suite is available for 3 gp per night. Room doors have locks, and a client can rent the key by paying Maridosen an additional 1 gp per night.

A common room, for those unable or unwilling to pay for a private room, is available for 5 sp per night, although the inn does not guarantee the safety of one’s belongings there. A dozen bunks are located here.

The Old Faith Grove

A peaceful stand of old oaks takes up nearly two acres that border Hommlet’s main crossroad. The trees are healthy and pruned and the grounds are clear of fallen leaves and twigs. Seasonally-appropriate wild flowers bloom throughout the area. Two natural stones standing as high and wide as a man flank the path entrance from the road. Both bear a large quartered circle—the Old Faith’s universal sign. The path is lined for several yards by a row of oaks before reaching the grove and joining the rest of the copse. A carefully placed line of blue-ish stones sets off the path leading to a rock cairn where flowers, nuts berries, and garlands of leaves are placed. The aged village druid Jaroo Ashstaff and his young assistant Yundi are normally here.

Old Trading Post

The halfling merchant Joman Dart runs this business in a large structure rebuilt after a fire a few years ago. It still bears the original name in honor of its long service providing the community with supplies of all sorts. Joman sells all manner of goods, except perishable food. He also purchases used equipment and weapons at the standard rate of half price, with no questions asked. Joman can appraise and purchase valuable objects such as gems, jewelry and art objects.

Stone Ogre Curiosities

Though only about as big around as a mid-sized cottage, at three-and-a-half stories with its slate roof, Stone Ogre Curiosities is one of the tallest buildings in town. Its’ elaborately carved wooden front stoop and entrance is of gnome design and depicts the gaping maw of a comical giant. Bright red, yellow and blue paint now fades and flakes over the exterior and the whole construction looks expensive but neglected. The building has settled strangely over time and is leaning a touch too much toward the crossroads it overlooks. This gives it a more imposing, if not nerve-wracking presence to the passerby. The only newly-painted part of the building is the sign swinging from a new iron bracket over the giant’ furrowed brow. It reads in gold leaf: Stone Ogre Curiosities: Antiques, Rarities and Books: Emmeril Brightwine, Proprietor

Temple of Ehlonna

Jennithar Rhengold, a half-elven servant of Ehlonna, maintains this small temple dedicated to the popular woodland deity. The temple is a raised, oak platform, bearing a stylized wooden statue of Ehlonna, normally bedecked with flowers and offerings. Four sturdy wood pillars hold a white-washed shingled roof over the platform. A cleared semi-circle around the shrine is defined by a wild garden and populated by low log benches for worshippers. A single old ash tree stands near the road. During the day, myriad birds and squirrels visit the plentiful and artfully decorated feeders here.

Jennithar is the temple's sole priestess, but she is often out of town. The people of Hommlet do not pay much attention to her or the temple. Although a respectable number of followers worship here on holy days (many of the elves and halflings).

Temple of Pelor

This temple is tended by two priests. Yether the Keen was assigned here two years ago by the church hierarchy in Verbobonc. He is a human in his late fifties, ruddy-faced and sporting a short gray-white beard and full head of hair. Nerris, Yether’s human assistant, serves as an acolyte even though his aptitude and training suggests that he is ready to move on to more advanced duties. Nerris is tall, thin, pale, and prematurely balding.

Word on the street is that the congregation of this new temple is growing steadily. People generally hold Yether and the temple in high regard, for adherents of this faith sponsor a number of charitable activities throughout the year. Yether’s even been known to take in those who cannot afford lodging.

Arowyn of Hagthar Castle is on good terms with the temple and has lived and served there up until recently.

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